Choose the Lifestyle You Want Not the One You Can Afford

Most people think that their lifestyle is determined by what they can afford. They continually settle for second best due to restrictions placed on them by their income. Well if you are one of those people, now is the time to open your mind to the endless possibilities that are available to you, use some lateral thinking and start heading towards the lifestyle that you have always dreamed about having.

In today’s society, with the way the economic situation is around the world, more and more people are continuously scaling back their lifestyle. They are more worried now about whether or not their income will be available to them in the future as more and more companies are struggling under the current economic climate. Many people are unsure if they will in fact still have their job in 12 months from now. It is causing more people to become more conservative with their spending habits, which is also having a negative impact on the economic situation around the globe.With less people spending money, more companies are having trouble making a profit and are therefore looking to reduce costs by reducing their workforce. This then becomes a catch-22 situation. Less people with money = less people spending money = less money for the companies to spend.

Now wouldn’t it be great if their was indeed another way to solve this problem. Well many people may be surprised to find out that their is another way. But what they won’t like is that it will take a bit of determination and hard work. So many people these days are happy doing the easy things, but when things get a little tough, they run for the hills quicker than a flash. This is the mindset that stops many people from achieving the type of lifestyle that they wish for. They are too scared to step outside of their comfort zone to try something new, especially if it is something that may require a bit of work. This alone is what separates the determined and the hopeful.

So which category do you want to fit into. Do you want to be in the hopeful category? Continually wondering and hoping that a miracle might come along and magically change everything overnight? Or would you rather be in the determined category? The one for people who are prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done. You see, if you do the things required to qualify for the determined category, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from achieving the lifestyle you want. You will control your destiny, your future will be determined by all the things that you do. Slowly, just one small step after another, you will start to see things changing and you will move closer and closer to that lifestyle you want.

The three main characteristics for becoming a member of the determined category are commitment, determination and resilience. You must be totally committed to what it is that you are trying to achieve. You must also be determined that nothing is going to stop you from getting to wherever it is you want to get to and you must be resilient. Along your journey, you will come across many different forms of negativity, whether it be from other people or from your own subconscious. You must be able to not let these negative things influence you in any way. You must stand strong and defeat this negativity if you are to have any chance at reaching the goal of a better lifestyle that you so desperately want to achieve. A truly positive attitude is what is needed and the strength to continue even during the times when it all seems so pointless. With these characteristics shining through, you will have every chance of success and ultimately will be able to reach that lifestyle that you yearn for.

Life is there to be lived in whatever form you should choose. So choose wisely, commit to your choices and don’t let anything stop from from getting there.

To your success,

Leigh Leishman

Your Success Blog

My Mother Asked – What Is Tantra And How Can Tantric Arts Help Me Live A Delicious Lifestyle?

Uh-oh! A question a tantric practitioner dreads coming from their mama. Or maybe
it was just me. Anyhow, I took a deep breath and answered like this:

Tantra is not what you may have seen on HBO Real Sex. It is not a freaky
sex cult or a religion. It is not Kama Sutra. Tantra is a spiritual path, a set
of practices, and a way of living in authenticity– learning to fully accept what
is good, bad, cute, and ugly about yourself. It is also about recognizing responsible
pleasure as your birthright, not as a sin.

Each one of us has a physical body and an energy body. The energy body has been
known and documented by ancient yogis for centuries but only recently discovered
by modern scientists and quantum physicists. The practices of Tantra help us to
detect these extremely subtle but important energies and move them throughout
the body for certain purposes. This Universal energy (also called spirit, life
force, chi, prana, creative energy, or sexual energy) originates at the root chakra,
which just so happens to be located at the genital area. However, root energy
is not actually sexual energy itself. It is sort of mixed in with the sexual energy
and for that reason, it is most easily detected through sexual awareness because
it is the strongest energy that we over-stimulated humans are able detect prior
to becoming sensitized to super-subtle energies.

Tantric practices consist mainly of work with the chakras (internal energy vortexes
along the spinal column) and the feminine/masculine polarities within each of
us. Much like in a Hatha yoga class, the work includes meditation, conscious breathing,
and mantra (voice), as well as exercises for emotional release. Visualize the
chakras as water wheels that spin around as the water drops onto the paddles.
Imagine the feminine energy as the stream of water moving up from the root chakra
to the crown chakra, where it is then transformed into masculine energy that moves
down from the crown chakra to the root. These energies must be free flowing for
physical and emotional well-being. If the energies are obstructed or unbalanced,
the result is physical ailments and emotional turbulence. Tantra is a wholesome
way to maintain optimum health and emotional stability.

A tantric lifestyle is one that is focused on being in the present moment and
not being attached to past dramas or future anxieties. Many spiritual paths consist
of preparing for death so that the adherents will go to Heaven. Tantra teaches
us that Heaven is here and now. A tantric lifestyle is one that instead prepares
us for the divine presence in the body here and now by cleansing physically, emotionally,
and mentally. It is essentially a celebration of maintaining the body-temple through
sensuality and honoring and respecting the mind, body, and spirit equally.

Tantric Arts are enjoyed in a tantric lifestyle as a method of staying present
and a way of connecting with your creativity in a way that helps to literally
bring the spirits up. Tantric Arts refers to any artistic endeavors that can be
used to cultivate spiritual development through creative expression and awareness
of the senses. The term comes from the classic sixty-four tantric arts of which
mastery was required of ancient Indian Dakinis, or tantric priestesses. Today,
Tantric Arts encompasses all fine arts and humanities (such as dance, painting,
poetry and prose, calligraphy, and design), gardening, decorating, lovemaking,
food preparation and enjoyment, massage, aromatherapy, ayurvedic science…etc,
or whatever brings you closer to your Heaven, your Divine Essence, your Beauty.

Whew, and that was it.

Paradigm Shift – A Healthy Lifestyle

It’s almost new year’s eve. Right about now, everyone’s new year’s resolution is probably filled up. The things you would like to do better next year is probably almost the same as the last. And getting a healthy lifestyle is probably one of those recurring wishes for most of us. This reminds me of a story I once read. One day in the month of January, a member of a gym went to its manager irate and complained. He said that with the expensive fee they were paying for the gym, why weren’t there more machines. Even the 16 treadmills were not enough because each had a long wait time. The manager remained calm and even laughed while telling him that he should give it a month. In a month’s time, even less than a month, the number of people in the gym will decrease. True enough, before the month of January ended, people going to the gym became less and less. Apparently, these were people who probably made a resolution to exercise and in the beginning they did. But soon, they quit.

To be honest, I can only guess at the reason for their disappearance from the gym. They may have found a better way to lose weight but I doubt that. If I met and asked them why, they would probably give one excuse or two. The most common excuse would probably be “I was too busy, I had no time.” But I’m not buying that. I think it’s probably because they were not truly committed. People who are committed make time for their commitment. They invest and give themselves to it. These people probably needed a paradigm shift.

Paradigm Shifting is not an easy task. Why? Because you need to get down and dirty. You need to conquer your old paradigm, your faulty way of thinking. Then, you replace it with a new one, a more enlightened one. You also need to find a strong “why”. You need to figure out a powerful reason for doing it. It has to be something moving and motivating for you. More importantly, it must compel you to action. Otherwise, it is impotent and you will fail at creating new, lifelong change.

Conquering your mindset or belief system is like battling with yourself. You must be vigilant because sometimes we fail to notice the little seemingly innocent acts that lead us back to our old way of thinking or habits. For example, going to the gym. The decision to go or not to go the gym after a hard days work is a battle in itself. It is so easy to excuse yourself from it but once you start, you will soon end up skipping it altogether. If you decide to exercise, eat the right food, get enough sleep and refrain from bad habits like smoking and drinking, then you must keep on renewing your commitment to it and choose it everyday.

And so, shifting your paradigm requires a lot of effort. Acquiring a healthy lifestyle is a broad and challenging task but it is not an impossible one. Shifting from your unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one will not only allow you to have a more fulfilling and longer life, but it will improve the quality of your everyday experience.